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Working with a true professional like Justin and RPM-3D has made it easy to expand our services and add a great looking web presence. We have noticed an increase of clients talking about how good our new site looks and realizing we offer even more services than they knew. We also love how our work is displayed and we see it paying off.

Thanks RPM-3D!

Routh Signs


“There simply isn't a better source for 3D motorsports concept rendering than RPM-3D. I have designed paint schemes and concept designs for some of the biggest names in racing for nearly a decade, and the one thing that is paramount in this business is accuracy.

RPM-3D's laser-scanned models and meticulously-rendered scenes deliver accuracy that few others can match, and none can compete with the value of their service with their low costs and rapid turn-around time. I am as excited to see my designs on these models as I am to see them at the racetrack - many times, it's hard to tell the difference!"

Tony Johns

Thunderbird Creative Media, LLC


RPM-3D, Inc. feels more like a business partner than a vendor. They are efficient, organized and extremely quick and patient with changes. The affordability and reliability of RPM-3D, Inc. simply cannot be matched. RPM-3D is bringing a much-needed "fresh" look to motorsports fanwear through their designs for Driven Male.

Owner of DrivenMale.com


Thank you so very much for bringing our web site to the 21st century. We have had a great response from our customers as to how they like to be able to see where they are going to be staying and what the rooms look like, the grounds look like, etc. Thanks for all your hard work! RPM-3D is great to work with and your knowledge is wonderful. It's good to know we have someone who has our best interests in mind.

Jane Beise

Root Cellar Resort and Restaurant


“I just can't say enough about RPM3D's web site design they created for us. We now look professional and up-to-date. RPM-3D's innovative ideas will surely take us to the next level.

Any time we need help, they are always there to quickly take care of whatever we need.

We will never go elsewhere for our internet designs!"

Leann Welborn Jacoby

Fleet Painting & Trailer Repair


"I'm extremely happy with the services provided by RPM-3D. I get compliments on my website all the time and asking for updates and changes is easy and extremely efficient. RPM-3D has also provided autograph card design work and car renderings for potential sponsors... all with speed, affordability and the best quality I've ever experienced in these services."

Jennifer Jo Cobb

Cobb Racing


D’hondt Motorsports -"When we make presentations to potential sponsors using a rendition of what a sponsors car may look like generated in RPM's - 3D format, is far superior in quality, view and detail, than anything we've ever used. It is truly remarkable how real and lifelike the car looks and feels.

We've used this 3D version to create; Hero cards, Point of Sale items, Blown Up Illustrations to give away as gifts and much, much more.

RPM-3D has nailed the right way to show your race car."

Eddie D’Hondt

D’Hondt Motorsports, LLC



Kevin Wilson Design - "Working with RPM-3D was a piece of cake. As a designer for Petty Enterprises I was always looking to take my 2-D paint schemes to the next level and RPM-3D provided me with excellent craftsmanship. When presenting the 3D model to the client they were truly impressed. This service cuts cost on photo shoots and is a quick turnaround for sponsor proposals. I highly recommend using this service over and over..."

Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson Design



GraphicWolf- “Working with RPM 3D has been a real pleasure. I don’t even have to get started on their quality of work, because I swear sometimes I’m looking at a photo shoot, but their customer service is grade A as well.”

David Hahn

Graphicwolf Art


Daniel Barnes- “Using RPM 3D has added another dimension to our creative services. The first thing we did was to check out the scaling of RPM's models. We have found that they are scaled to within one inch of an actual race car, which is the most accurate 3D model available in the racing industry. RPM 3D's product and services have helped us to illustrate our process of decaling racing vehicles to potential customers. It has helped CEO's of corporate sponsors, who had no prior knowledge of racing, to understand and visualize how the finished product would look before the graphics have been applied to the vehicles. The graphics and tools offered by RPM 3D are the best looking and most professional available. The possibilities and usage in racing is immeasurable.”

Daniel Barnes




Motorsports Designs- "RPM3D's knowledge and abilities are unparalleled when it comes to 3D Digital artwork. Their speed and capabilities are simply unmatched!

They deliver an exceptional product every time."

Kenneth Ward

Motorsports Designs

Creative Serivces Dept


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