Interactive Applications

A Ground-Breaking Marketing Application Designed for Race Teams and Commercial Products

Show off your race vehicle or products in a new way with RPM-3D’s 360° Interactive Application.


Using Flash Technology, RPM-3D has a developed an in-expensive way to display your products and race vehicle in 3D via our 360° Interactive Application.


These 360° Applications can be used in various ways, from websites, to CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, proposal presentations and even on Computer Display Kiosks.

RPM-3D is continuing to evolve the 360° Interactive Application.


We have recently released a Realistic Lighting and Scene version that uses a simulated “Sun” in order to provide light.


We have also modeled a virtual room in which objects, banners and other items can be placed to create a more “Realistic” feel.



The newest evolution of the 360° Interactive Application is also Universally Device Compatible. This means that you can view on Desktops and Laptops (PC and MAC), as well as Mobile devices such as Smart-Phones, and i-devices such as the iPhone and iPad, complete with touch gestures built in.


These new additions make this application the best way to present the Race Cars to fans, all while keeping them up to date on the Driver, Crew and Team information as well as maximizing Sponsor Recognition.

RPM-3D has taken what used to be 2D Flat Art (Line-Art) and has transformed it into an interactive “Full View” experience.


Any 3D Object can be implemented into this application, which means there are virtually unlimited uses.


With customized features such as backgrounds and links to websites, the application can be expanded to not only show off the products and race vehicle but provide a portal to the company, sponsor or team websites.


RPM-3D is changing the face of motorsports and commercial graphics, and our 360° Interactive Application is just another weapon in our arsenal to accomplish that goal.

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