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Q:  So why is RPM-3D, Inc's 3D Motorsports models better than models found elsewhere?

A: RPM-3D, Inc. Models are built from actual team and manufacturer data so they are the most accurate models on market.


Q: Where can I purchase the RPM-3D Models?

A: Because of the proprietary data we receive from teams and manufacturers, we do not sell or supply our 3D models to the public.


Q: Why use RPM-3D Inc. Renders and services when we can purchase models from other sources and do what we need in-house?

A: Several reasons - RPM-3D has the quickest turnaround time in the industry and the best quality renders.

RPM-3D keeps everything confidential, and renders are only placed in "Our Work Galleries" after its made public.

You don't need to hire a guy to do 3D stuff, nor pay for 3D software and or 3D Models (as long as RPM-3D Has the models you are looking for),  So if you figure that all up, that saves your company $50,000 - $80,000 per year easily... Figure it takes at minimum a Salary, Benefits, Software ($4,000), Hardware (minimum $3,500/Computer), Models (Our Models cost between $2,000-$4,000 to produce), Employee time, etc.

RPM-3D focuses on 3D Renders and Graphics so you don't have to!


Q: Can RPM-3D, Inc. Custom build 3D models if they don't have the one we are wanting?

A: Absolutely, We can custom model anything you like given enough time and a budget that is reasonable.


Q: Don't you just apply the paint-scheme and press the render button?

A: No, We wish it was that easy!  We spend allot of time setting up scenes, lighting, and angles, and we offer custom angled renders, match angles, etc, so we have to re-design the lighting for each render.


Q: So how much are these Quality 3D Renders?

A: The cost varies depending on what you need, (Resolution-Size) But for Web and Presentation/Sponsor Proposals, the renders start at $100/Render.

RPM-3D, deals with many different kinds of teams, sponsors, drivers, from the NASCAR Sprint Cup, to ARCA and K&N Pro Series to Grand AM Series and Formula Drift, but we also deal with local drivers.

Our services are affordable to nearly everyone.


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